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Rec Category: Apocafic
Categories: Cam, crossover, angst, team, AU, hurt/comfort, friendship, Sam, Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, SGA characters
Warnings: it's apocafic! :) Includes major character deaths/permanent injuries (mental and physical)
Author on LJ: [profile] abyssinia4077
Author's Website: Abyssinia at AO3
Link: Drfiting Out at Sea

Why This Must Be Read: The hardest part about the apocalypse isn't losing Earth. The hardest part is holding everything together afterwards.

Here is solid, aching Cam perspective as the Earth is lost and the survivors scrabble to find new footing on a cut-off Atlantis. Characterization all-round is moving, powerful, and poignant. This is a long, gripping story that ends, despite everything, with Cam's eternal optimism offering hope.

There are a lot of things Cam's learned since he joined SG-1. Holographic swords can still hurt like hell. Eat breakfast before you go out of phase. No matter how convincing the evidence, Daniel Jackson probably isn't dead. Teal'c probably isn't either (please let that still be true).

You do this job long enough and it'll drive you crazy.

And when all that's left to do is sit in a leaking, grimy hallway of an Ancient city and eat pie with your remaining teammates in memory of a dead hero, that's what you do. Even if you're starting to suspect that of the three of you, the crazy one might be the most sane.

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