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Rec Category: Jack and Daniel friendship
Categories: Jack, Daniel, humor
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [personal profile] tallulah_rasa
Author's Website: Tallulah Rasa at AO3
Link: Home for the Holidays

Why This Must Be Read: New Tallulah Rasa fic, whee!

This fic is sheer joy: Jack and Daniel at their absolute best, with dry wit and snark and their shorthand complete understanding of one another. Add a generous dash of humor and a hint of teamy goodness to come, and you're guaranteed a smile by the time you're finished reading this!

"I found out that the device's physical interface was extremely sensitive to specific types of neural suggestions, at least in conjunction with a particularly calibrated proximate digital manipulation."

"Which means?" Jack demanded.

"I touched something," Daniel admitted. "And then the device transported me to the road that goes by your house."

Jack stared at him. "The road's under two feet of snow," he said, because he'd learned that when you didn't have the whole story, it was strategically important to verify the details you did have.

"It turns out that a zat set to 'stun’ can melt snow and ice," Daniel said. "And also, possibly asphalt, but you may not want to know how I know that."

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