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Rec Category: Drama
Categories: Janet, team, time travel
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [profile] izhhilzha
Author's Website: Izhilzha's FanFiction Sticky Post
Link: Q is for Questing

Why This Must Be Read: This one easily reads like an episode: an urgent offworld problem that requires an unorthodox solution, and the struggles of each individual member of the team to find a way to success, using whatever skills they possess to deal with their unexpected situations. Add Janet into the mix, and you've got a fascinating time travel story that perfectly suits SG-1.

Major Mansfield, the leader of SG-17, crouched beside her. “Nothing?”

Janet shook her head. “Not yet. Maybe if the SGC can get us that new anti-fungal drug in the next drop....” She shrugged. Focused on what news Mansfield might have. “Nothing from SG-1, huh?”

“Not a sign.” The man scrubbed a hand across his face. “Ever since they picked up those carved rods and twisted them—poof. Nothing.”

Janet took a deep breath, then another. “They'll be back. Hopefully with some new ideas.” Mansfield gave her a cynical look. “I trust Dr. Jackson's linguistic skills. They knew what they were getting into when they decided to use those artifacts.”

“If you say so, ma'am.” Mansfield paced back towards the crumbling walls of the ruin. To the makeshift camp where SG-17 huddled, studying, dozing, trying not to panic at every twinge of a foot fallen asleep.

You'd better, Janet thought fiercely, imagining what strange times SG-1 might have sent themselves to. Roasting hot summer (unlike the mild weather currently outside these walls), wars, non-fungal epidemics... oh, so many possibilities. You'd better have some idea what you just got yourselves, and the rest of us, into here. You'd just better come back.

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