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Rec Category: Sam and Vala friendship
Categories: ep related, hurt/comfort, humor, character study
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [personal profile] splash_the_cat
Author's Website: splash the cat at AO3
Link: When I've Got Nothing On But the Radio

Why This Must Be Read: This is Sam and Vala fanfic at its best, as Vala kinda-sorta kidnaps Sam for some badly needed R&R in the wake of Line in the Sand. Characterization is perfect and feels wonderfully real. We can only hope that both Sam and Vala had some restorative moments like this!

Sam choked down the mouthful of water she'd taken to chase the pills, which now felt like they were lodged in her throat. "We're in Utah? Why are we in Utah?"

"Because the map said this was the shortest route."

Sam sagged back into her seat. "Do I even want to know where we're going? You know, since when we got in the car, I was under the impression I was letting you drive me to the grocery store across town."

"That was your plan." Vala started the car, smoothly putting it into gear and backing out of the parking spot in front of the gas station. She'd gotten her driver's license only a week before, but had badgered Sam into teaching her the mechanics of "your inefficient combustion contraption" months ago. "I had a better one."

"In Utah."

"Please. While charming at points, Utah has nothing on Las Vegas."

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