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Rec Category: Daniel Jackson
Categories: humor, crack!fic, episode related, original characters, Jack
Warnings: language
Author on LJ: [personal profile] splash_the_cat
Author's Website: splash_the_cat at AO3
Link: No One Expects the Fannish Inquisition

Why This Must Be Read: I adore crack!fic that is also completely in character. Daniel Jackson, meet the fandom of Wormhole Xtreme! Don't forget to duck. :)

Simultaneously a meta on fandom and a hilarious send-up of the sheer ridiculous of keeping the Stargate a secret in later seasons, this fic is guaranteed to make your day.

The email sat in his inbox for weeks. He only even noticed it after scrolling back through ten screens of messages trying to find one about translating text on an artifact SG-18 had brought back, that Bill Lee insisted he'd sent months ago.

Daniel blinked at the subject line a few times before he opened it, and blinked several more times as he read the message. He then forwarded it to Sam with a note: "Am I being trolled?"

Three days later the message ended up back in his inbox, this time forwarded by Jack (via Sam, the traitor), with a note: THIS IS PERFECT YOU HAVE TO GO.

Two days after that, Daniel got another email, this one confirming his special scholar guest of honor registration for Con-Treme, the premier Wormhole X-Treme! fan convention, complete with the list of panels he'd been assigned to sit on. And a public lecture. And a Q&A. And judging the constume contest.

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