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Directly Proportional, by Denise (PG)

  • May. 20th, 2015 at 2:51 PM
figs_sg1_rec: (sam teal'c stalking fic)
Rec Category: Siler
Categories: Sam, humor
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: unknown
Author's Website: Denise at AO3
Link: Directly Proportional

Why This Must Be Read: Here's a fun little romp as Sam and Siler end up taking an unscheduled trip through the Gate and need to sneak into a Jaffa barracks to find their way home. Add an adorable epilogue with Siler and Walter, and this story is guaranteed to leave you grinning!

She looked back at him and Siler knew in an instant exactly why General Hammond lost the last of his hair.