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Wherever We Go, by Gingasaur (PG-13)

Rec Category: Jonas and Vala friendship
Categories: Sam and Jonas friendship, angst, hurt/comfort, post-series
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [profile] gingasaur
Author's Website: Gingasaur at AO3
Link: Wherever We Go

Why This Must Be Read: I could try to be pithy and summarize this as "Vala and Jonas bond over being tortured by the Ori," but this story has much greater depth than that. It's an honest, clear-eyed look at a long, painful recovery from abandonment, pain, and loss of hope. This is a perfect Vala and an excellent Jonas, with bonus well-characterized Sam, dealing with the fallout of Langara's fall to the Ori. It feels very real, and very well done.

After a while, Jonas has to lay back and just breathe. It’s not a lot of food that he’s eaten; he hasn’t managed to work himself back up to full meals in one sitting just yet. Being left to wither away on a dais with an entire city as witnesses does that to a person.

Vala continues to chatter away beside him. He has no idea what she’s talking about anymore – something about an Erica Kane, whom he has never met and doubts he ever will.

He almost doesn’t realize she’s addressing him again when he hears her ask, “What was it like?”

His brow furrows in confusion. “What?”

The look on her face her is unlike anything he’s seen from her thus far: it’s serious and it’s pensive, but there’s also a hint of openness and (maybe he’s seeing things) vulnerability.

Her voice is low when she speaks. “The Ori had you for quite a while.”

Jonas is so dumbstruck by this observation that he can only stare back at her. He feels his mouth start to open, but no words come out.

“I guess you like reading mission reports as much as I did,” he answers vacantly.

She rolls her eyes. “No, ugh, mission reports. Always so boring and sterile. No,” she repeats. “I was with the Ori for a while, too; a couple of times, actually, and they saw fit to impregnate me and burn me alive.”

Jonas knows his mouth is open now.

“Oh,” Vala adds upon seeing his slack-jawed expression. “Not in that order, obviously.”

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