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Rec Category: Sam and Daniel friendship
Categories: angst, character study, (emotional) hurt/comfort
Warnings: typical Ori atrocities
Author on LJ: [profile] tarimanveri
Author's Website: Tarimanver at AO3
Link: And Leaves the World to Darkness

Why This Must Be Read: Sometimes SG-1 loses, and sometimes it's the fault of individual choices. Luckily, Daniel has Sam to help pick up the pieces afterwards.

This is bleak and bittersweet, as Sam and Daniel, with perfect characterization, face their failures and the desperate need to just keep going. It's not a happy fic, but it rings all too true and is well worth the read.

Sam is too tired to think that far ahead. When she gets back to earth she’s going to hug Cassie extra hard for the little girl she couldn’t save, and she’ll think of the grave she and Daniel covered with grass in its green and quiet clearing, and she’ll appreciate the closure it’s given her. Then she’ll get on with the fight, whatever it brings.

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