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Rec Category: Episode Related
Categories: drama, Carolyn Lam, Landry, Daniel, Mitchell
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [profile] redbyrd_sgfic
Author's Website: Redbyrd's Stargate Fanfiction
Link: Do No Harm

Why This Must Be Read: I love a good outside perspective. This retelling of Prototype, written by the queen of episode-related fic, allows us to see the action through the eyes of Dr. Carolyn Lam. You'll appreciate her civilian views of the moral dilemmas, her surreptitious Cliffs' Notes of names and events, and her own strength of character throughout the drama that plays out in her infirmary.

"Look, you know I would never suggest this lightly- but he is what he is. And given the danger he poses, I think we have to ask ourselves- what is the point in keeping him alive at all?"

And there it was in plain language. Jackson was proposing they execute a prisoner-her patient- while in custody. Illegal by any stretch of the imagination. Carolyn turned to her father with the rest of them, wondering what he would say.

General Landry said, "I hear ya, Dr Jackson. For the moment we're taking every security precaution we can."

Carolyn wondered numbly if her father's answer would have been any different had she not been present. She'd have been happier if he'd rejected the idea outright.

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