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Rec Category: Episode Related
Categories: Daniel, character study, angst
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [personal profile] paian
Author's Website: Paian at AO3
Link: Who Catch and Sing the Sun in Flight

Why This Must Be Read: Paian writes the most beautiful episode tags for Unending - and, speaking as one who personally loathed that particular episode, I can only imagine how much more powerful her stories are for those fans who actually enjoyed the series finale!

Daniel finds the courage and wisdom to accept not only the loss of self, but also the loss of all the knowledge he has accrued over the course of five decades. If you want to savor haunting, elegaic Daniel angst, this ficlet is definitely for you.

Here, in this strange cold luminous space that has become his refuge and his temple, he makes his peace with the act they are about to commit, and says goodbye to their home that will be unmade and the selves they will be no more.

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