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Rec Category: Cameron Mitchell
Categories: Jack, angst, drama, character study
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [personal profile] magickmoons
Author's Website: magickmoons at AO3
Link: Committee

Why This Must Be Read: Treat yourself to a powerfully fraught confrontation between Jack and Cam, as the general reams out the colonel for not taking sufficient care of his kids.

I love this because it reads as painfully real. Jack is wearing two hats here: the one that belongs to the superior officer, and the one who has years of his own experience informing him that leading SG-1 is harder than herding cats. Jack forces Cam to acknowledge the consequences that come with the failure to control his team... but he also commiserates, offering comfort in the perfect Jack-like manner. Excellent stuff!

"Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell," the general barked. "Whose team is that in there?"

"Mine, Sir." He was still weighing different shades of 'I take full responsibility' when the general responded.

"Are you sure? Because what I’m reading in the mission reports, what I heard from Landry downstairs, it sure as hell doesn't sound like that. It sounds like you took a goddamn poll."

The problem with starting backed against the wall was that there was nowhere to go when the general got directly in his face. Stare straight ahead, control your breathing, and answer.

"Jackson and Colonel Carter had some differing ideas. We were trying to achieve too many objectives at one time, Sir."

O'Neill backed away one step, his eyes glinting dangerously in the dim light. "Colonel, you had two objectives: you had your mission objective, and you had the objective of bringing your team home safe and sound. Did you achieve either of those?"

Cam swallowed. "No, General."

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