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Rec Category: Humor
Categories: team, Teal'c, Jacob Carter, episode related
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [profile] pepper_field
Author's Website: PepperF at AO3
Link: N is for Nishta

Why This Must Be Read: When the purely human members of SG-1 have a delayed reaction to nishta, Teal'c and Jacob decide to seize the opportunity...

Teal'c pwnage and Jacob pwnage are apparently exponential. :)

This ficlet was originally my birthday present, and I have no idea why it took me so long to rec. Go read it now!

"They are usually most argumentative," agreed Teal'c, blandly.

"Yeah," said Jacob, thoughtfully. "Usually."

Jacob... said Selmak, warningly – but she said it with such amusement that he wasn't fooled for a moment.
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Rec Category: Team
Categories: ep related, humor, angst, Sam and Jack friendship, Jacob, Tok'ra
Warnings: reference to canon character death(s)
Author on LJ: [personal profile] poohmusings
Author's Website: poohmusings's scribbles
Link: Pardon the Intrusion

Why This Must Be Read: In which there is annoying Tok'ra arrogance, frustrated Daniel, looming Teal'c, slightly trigger-happy Sam, and Jack at his devious best...

Despite the relatively somber backdrop of a memorial for Selmac (and Jacob, thank you!), this is a fun teamy romp that is so utterly and perfectly them.

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Rec Category: Five Things
Categories: Janet, Daniel, Cassie, Jacob, ep related, drama, AU
Warnings: character death
Author on LJ: [personal profile] rebeccavoy
Author's Website: rebeccavoy at AO3
Link: Five ways Janet Fraiser came back to life and what she did then

Why This Must Be Read: Here are four ways Janet survives Heroes in one way or another, and one last killer of a scenario where she does... and she doesn't. A great exploration of what-ifs that you're sure to enjoy.

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Rec Category: Jacob Carter
Categories: Sam, five things, character study, multiple eras
Warnings: reference to canonical minor character deaths
Author on LJ: [personal profile] colls
Author's Website: colls at AO3
Link: Father and Daughter

Why This Must Be Read: Six drabbles that illustrate the relationship of father and daughter over the years. There's honest pain and gentle sweetness here that does a lovely job of showcasing Jacob and Sam from her days as a teen to his time with Selmak. Read each one carefully, and savor.

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Rec Category: Pre-series
Categories: Teal'c, Jack, Daniel, Sam, original characters, five things
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [personal profile] thothmes
Author's Website: unknown
Link: In a Mother's Eyes

Why This Must Be Read: Here's an insta-rec for you all: a simply gorgeous five (well, four) things that looks at classic SG-1 from the perspective of their mothers. I love the way Thothmes shows us the hints of each character's passions and personalities, and the mothers that nurture these wonderful children and help shape them into the people they eventually become. This is a love letter not only to Teal'c and Jack and Daniel and Sam, but also to mothers everywhere.

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Rec Category: Sam
Categories: multiple friendships, multiple seasons, five things
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [personal profile] missparker
Author's Website: missparker at AO3
Link: Only Held by Gravity

Why This Must Be Read: This is a fic of joy -- Sam's friendship and closeness with each member of her team in turn, plus Jacob. Vala and Jack are the only ones missing here (and from the summary, Jack's omission seems deliberate, although a casual reference to that friendship is also included.) But you'll love the way each aspect of Sam is highlighted by her various friendships, and it will be impossible to read this without a smile on your face.

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Rec Category: Tok'ra
Categories: Jacob, Selmac, drama
Warnings: some violence
Author on LJ: [profile] purpleshrub
Author's Website: Purpleshrub at
Link: To Start a Second Life

Why This Must Be Read: Here's a rarely-explored corner of the fandom: what was Jacob's first mission for the Tok'ra after blending with Selmac?

Exploration of memories and emotions from both host and symbiote, betrayal and hard truths -- this serves as an excellent projection of what life among the Tok'ra must be like.

Jacob certainly wasn't used to being bathed by cowed slaves, and being treated like a slave-owner really bothered him. It was hard to look at the women with empty eyes and remember that his mission would not help them—that no one would. Selmak gently teased him about his modesty, but grew somber when he thought about the slaves.

It is why we fight the Goa'uld, she reminded him. We cannot help these people, but our ultimate victory will help all humans.
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Rec Category: Tok'ra
Categories: Jacob, Selmac, Sam
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [profile] ami_ven
Author's Website: unknown
Link: Not Quite a Wicked Stepmother

Why This Must Be Read: This sweet piece features Jacob and Sam and the Not Quite Wicked Stepmother, working together for the first time after Selmac blends with Jacob. Selmac's sense of humor and wisdom are both well-displayed here, as Sam comes to terms with not only intellectually knowing the difference between Tok'ra and Goa'uld, but emotional comprehension, too. Short, satisfying, and smile-inducing!

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Rec Category: Crossover
Categories: drama, team, Jacob, humor
Warnings: language, crossover with Supernatural
Author on LJ: [info]claudiapriscus
Author's Website: Master List
Link: Syndicated Sci-Fi Show

Why This Must Be Read: The best crossovers are completely accessible to readers who only know one of the fandoms. Despite never having seen a single ep of Supernatural, I found this hugely entertaining and easy to follow. If you are a fan of SPN, this story slots into Changing Channels, with a new show added to the mix: SG-1!

So what happens when Sam and Dean suddenly find themselves off-world and part of SG-15... only they think it's just another TV show, and not actually real? Things blowing up, Jacob snark, Teal'c hero-worship by young Jaffa, teamy goodness, a cheerful swipe at the Ancients, and a long, satisfying read!

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Rec Category: AU
Categories: AU, Daniel, Jack, Jonas, Jacob, Nyan, Martouf, Sam, Teal'c, Oma, Skaara, Sha're, team, drama, episode related, Jack and Daniel friendship, Jack and Teal'c friendship.
Warnings: minor and major character deaths
Author on LJ: [personal profile] nightspear
Author's Website: List of Stories
Link: Journeys

Why This Must Be Read: Nightspear concludes one of my all-time favorite AUs with the fifth in the series, Journeys, covering the events in her Daniel of Abydos universe from mid-S5 through mid-S7.

Daniel of Abydos originally began as a kind of kidfic (and nonetheless made me fell in love with it!), but by the time this final novel begins, Daniel is already an adult and a full-fledged member of SG-1. Still, his relative youth and the changes in this Au's backstory means that Revanna, Kelowna, Abyss, Changeling, Full Circle, Orpheus, and other canon incidents happen very differently, with a fascinating exploration of the challenges of Ascension and the limitations and rules that Daniel has to face. ("Tell Jacob to stop" will break your heart, trust me.) Some die who lived in canon; others live who died.

I love Nyan's brave attempt to take Daniel's place on SG-1, and the twist of Jonas earning his position partially by virtue of being untainted by guilt. I love the way Nightspear wove the mythology of the later seasons into Daniel's version of S6 and made it work. I love her Abydos and its people, and the courage and determination they continue to show. But most of all, I enjoy Nightspear's loving attention to detail, her craft at characterization, and the wonderful way she depicts these characters who are just a little different from the SG-1 we know and love, but are delightfully, perfectly themselves.

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Rec Category: Gen
Pairing: none
Categories: gen, General Hammond, Jacob, Bra'tac, character study
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [ profile] annerbhp
Author's Website: Fic Master List
Link: Xenophilia

Why This Must Be Read: Well, this has to be fanfic, because if Jacob and George and Bra'tac were in a single scene together, the screen would likely explode from the sheer combined awesomeness. :)

But seriously, this little ficlet is absolutely delightful: George Hammond, Bra'tac, and Jacob and Selmac, drinking alien scotch off-world and pretending to be grumpy old men. What's not to love?

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Rec Category: Episode related
Pairing: none
Categories: episode related, gen, Jacob, Selmac, character study
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: astrogirl2
Author's Website:
Link: Scenes From a Blending

Why This Must Be Read: Astrogirl offers a lovely, insightful retrospective into Jacob's mind as he and Selmac blend into something that is gloriously more than the sum of their parts.

Jacob's mental voice is delightful, as he slowly grows to learn, to understand, to joke and even to argue with the Tok'ra that is living in his head. There is his fear of the unknown and his courage to face it, and the wry humor of Selmac as they get to know each other better. There's thoughtful consideration of their joint changes in attitudes and ideals, and the peaceful acceptance of the life they've gone to share.

This marvelous fic is Astrogirl's first story. Go encourage her to write some more right now!

When the explosions and the evacuating are all over and the headache has finally eased, Selmak expresses a gentle sense of amusement at his surprise at being free of arthritis after so easily accepting being free of cancer.

He retaliates by teasing her about her inability to help him re-grow his hair. It becomes their first running joke.
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Rec Category: Bra'tac
Pairing: none
Categories: Bra'tac, Jacob Carter, team
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [ profile] kormantic
Author's Website: the skalab
Link: Kli'mal

Why This Must Be Read: Because Bra'tac rocks.

So does Jacob Carter.

And in this delightful ficlet, Kormantic gives us both of both of these old coots, facing each other across a game of strategy with skill and respect and the glint of challenge in their eyes.

SG-1 can only stand back in awe, and smile. And you will, too.
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Rec Category: Sha're

Pairing: none

Categories: Sha're, Jacob Carter, Teal'c, AU, angst, episode related

Warnings: none

Author on LJ: [ profile] abysinnia4077

Author's Website: Masterlist of Fanfiction

Link: For I Have Seen the Storm and The Promises We Keep


Why This Must Be Read: Two great Sha're ficlets for the price of one rec! Abyssis wrote both of these by request (the second one was actually my request, heh) and posted them together, so I'm reccing both of them at once.

For I Have Seen the Storm is technically a prequel to one of the AUs in the previously-recced Please Hang Up And Try Again, but it reads well enough on its own. Sha're wakes up for the first time in years with no one in her head but herself. The Tok'ra have rescued her, and the first person she sees is Jacob Carter. Their ensuing conversation is perfectly Jacob, with his awkward and gruff reassurance, and perfectly Sha're: her joy at her freedom, and her fierce determination to do what she can in the battle against the Goa'uld. It's 900 words of grace and courage and triumph.

The Promises We Keep is set within the bleaker reality of canon, in a stolen moment of time in Secrets. With Daniel momentarily out of earshot, Sha're confronts Teal'c: about his role in her abduction, the faith that Daniel puts in him, the role he plays in the battle against the Goa'uld... and she extracts a promise: Look after my Danyel, a vow that leads all too clearly to the events of Forever In a Day. That's a lot to pack into 450 words, but Abyssis does it effortlessly!

Two insightful, beautifully crafted ficlets about this wonderful woman. You'll cheer with the first and wince with the second and love them both!

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Rec Category: Humor

Pairing: none
Categories: humor, gen, holiday, General Hammond, Bra’tac, Thor, Jacob Carter, Louis Ferretti, team
Warnings: includes Ascended!Daniel
Author on LJ: unknown
Author's Website: Wendy at StargateFan
Link: The Day After

Why This Must Be Read: My usual humor preferences involve fics where the characters behave perfectly normally (well, as normal as SG-1 ever is) but are faced with bizarre circumstances. This fic is very, very different, with various fan favorites acting completely OOC…

And yet I love it anyway.

That’s probably because of Hammond, who is delightfully in character throughout. On the day after Halloween, he faces down the most incredible group of shame-faced people, including SG-1, Bra’tac, Jacob Carter, Thor, and an Ascended Daniel, scolding them for their inappropriate behavior. (The role Jack plays with Thor is scarily appropriate.) Then you get to the final line, and discover the little twist that shows that George Hammond is always, always solidly in control.

It’s short and silly and fluffy and it will make you giggle. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

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Rec Category: Humor

Pairing: none
Categories: humor, gen, Jack O’Neill, team, Jack and Daniel friendship, Jacob Carter, Maybourne 
Warnings: non-sexual semi-nudity, minor innuendo
Author on LJ: unknown
Author's Website: To Explore the Universe and Eat Pie
Link: Bonded

Why This Must Be Read: Jack and Jacob end up a little too close for comfort. Sam is horrified, Maybourne is busy howling with laughter, Teal’c is having way too much fun to be helpful, and Daniel is sweetly, poisonously vengeful as only Daniel can be.

Written in Tallulah Rasa’s wonderful style, Jack discovers that dismissing his linguist as unnecessary is unwise under any cirucmstances – especially when he needs that linguist to come to his rescue. There’s great characterization, snappy banter, and a final nod towards friendship that is sure to make you smile!

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Rec Category: Teamy goodness

Pairing: none
Categories: team, gen, humor, character study, friendship, kidfic, Jacob Carter, Robert Rothman, Nyan, Janet Frasier, Cassie, General Hammond
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [ profile] loneraven
Author's Website: Sleeping With Ghosts
Link: Coming Into Being

Why This Must Be Read: It’s one of fandom’s favorite clichés: SG-1 gets turned into small children. Raven, herself, cheerfully acknowledges this. But this fic is also just plain fun. And it’s thanks to the secondary cast of characters – Hammond, Janet, Jacob, and even Robert Rothman and Nyan (two of my favorites, to be honest!) – that this story is such an entertaining read.

While the antics of the children are enjoyable – Jack’s Froot Loops, Daniel’s passive resistance against speaking (or wearing shoes), Sam’s flat refusal to wear anything pink and frilly – it’s really the reactions of the adults around them that make the reader smile. There’s Rothman’s frustration that his boss has turned into what he considers to be a horrible child; there’s Jacob’s secret delight at having some time back with his little girl again. And there’s Teal’c’s bemusement at the personalities of his younger teammates, and Nyan’s drive to help, and Janet’s struggle to communicate with Daniel…

This one is fluffy and fun, with a little character study sneaking around the edges. And it’s definitely a fic that you’re sure to enjoy.

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Rec Category: Teamy goodness

Pairing: none
Categories: team, gen, Samantha Carter, Jack and Daniel friendship, Jacob Carter, hurt/comfort, angst, horror
Warnings: references to canon minor character deaths, team whumping, language
Author on LJ: juliefortune
Author's Website:
Fanfic for the Fearless
Link: The Undefended Territory 

Why This Must Be Read: Julie Fortune's fics always carry a heavy impact. This one blew me away.

SG-1 gate to an ice planet and plunge, quite literally, into disaster. When what ought to be a routine rescue fails, Sam and Teal'c are forced to retreat to the Gate for help while Jack and Daniel struggle with injuries and hypothermia. With the SGC in lockdown and something deadly waking up beneath the ice, how can Sam and Teal'c get to Jack and Daniel in time?

Tok'ra cold-blooded pragmatism goes head-to-head with SG-1 loyalty and loses miserably; Jack and Daniel make the ultimate emotional sacrifice and give up their most cherished pasts for each other's lives; and the reader comes away from this amazing story with the mental shakes and a burning need to read everything else Julie has ever written.

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Rec Category: General Hammond
Pairing: none
Category: General Hammond, Samantha Carter, episode related, time travel
Warning: temporary (?) character deaths
Author on LJ: redbyrd_sgfic
Author's Website: Redbyrd's Stargate Fiction
Link: 1969 Prime and the prequel, 1969 Prime Minus One

Why This Must Be Read: In yet another Redbyrd gem, we get to explore those tricksy ramifications of time travel. In 1969, SG-1 made it back because of the note Hammond wrote to himself, creating a loop to give them the knowledge to get safely home. But if we follow the logic of that explanation - at least, as much logic as is possible when discussing time travel! - shouldn't there have been a beginning to that loop, when SG-1 went back before Hammond had a chance to write the note?

That leads us to 1969 Prime - a prequel to the episode, where the ending isn't very happy. Sort of. Because the ending is the episode, and that makes everything all right. Doesn't it?

Time travel makes your brain freeze...

The first half of the story, understandably enough, isn't written from George's point of view - after all, it's the recounting of the first part of the episode, when SG-1 set out without that crucial note in Sam's pocket. Delightfully, for me, Redbyrd takes the opportunity to write the story from Sam's POV. (I believe I have mentioned, once or twice, that there is a sad paucity of good Sam POV gen stories in the fandom.) Little changes until we meet Hammond, although I particularly enjoyed Redbyrd's explanation for Daniel's foot-in-mouth "Nyet." After all, they're on a mission, and Daniel is used to automatically translating and replying to different languages when they step through the Gate.

The story twists sharply on its axis once SG-1 are hustled into the truck and they have their confrontation with Young Hammond. From that point on, the story is told wholly from George's POV, and it's particularly poignant to see SG-1 through his bewildered and concussed eyes, especially once they tell him the truth and try to set up events for an eventual fix of their situation. When escape meets with failure, George is left with the memory of four strangely gentle people and a commitment that will shape his life for the next three decades.

Redbyrd does her usual excellent job of weaving the few hints we know from canon into a realistic whole. There's the sad note of Hammond deliberately sticking to his job despite his wife's illness, because he's determined to still be part of the Air Force in order to save SG-1's lives in the future; there's his early meeting with Samantha Carter, his friend Jacob's tomboy daughter. Most fascinating of all, there's his meeting with Jack from COTG, now retold with the colored implications of what George knows happened and is going to happen.

As an added bonus, Redbyrd wrote one more story: 1969 Prime Minus, which is the loop before the prime loop, so to speak. If there was a loop when SG-1 went back but George hadn't written the note yet, then it stands to reason that there was the original time line, in which SG-1 hadn't gone back yet... yes, I know. Brain freeze! While Prime Minus One seems very similar to Prime, many motivations and details are changed, making for fascinating reading.

Any fan of time travel - and George Hammond! - can't afford to miss these two wonderful fics.

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