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Rec Category: Cassie
Categories: Cassie and Teal'c friendship, humor, character study, Daniel, Jack, Sam, Janet, Hammond
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [profile] ami_ven
Author's Website: ami_ven at AO3
Link: Childhood Culture

Why This Must Be Read: A sweetly and genuinely charming exploration of a new world and culture, featuring the stellar team of Cassie and Teal'c discovering the pleasures of childhood on earth. With cameos from Janet, George, and others, this story is an absolute joy!

Teal’c nodded. “The Tau’ri do mention aspects of their popular culture quite often in conversation.”

“All the time!” said Cassandra. “I mean, the current stuff I understand. Janet – Mom – lets me watch TV and go to the mall and stuff. It’s the old stuff I don’t know, the stuff I was supposed to watch or do as a kid, and couldn’t because I grew up on another planet. Like… like nursery rhymes, and kids’ books, and Sesame Street.”

Teal’c had heard people at the SGC mention the last one, a children’s educational program, so he said, “Perhaps O’Neill would be willing drive us to see the Sesame Street.”

As he’d hoped, she giggled. “It’s a show, Teal’c. For little kids, about the alphabet and learning to count.”

He nodded, hiding a smile. “Perhaps it is not too late for some of those experiences, Cassandra-Fraiser. I would also like to learn more about the world I have chosen, and would be happy to explore Earth culture with you.”

“Really?” she said, grinning. “Then we’re going to need help.”

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