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Rec Category: Teal'c
Categories: friendship, Sam, Daniel, character study
Warnings: reference to Daniel/Sha're
Author on LJ: [personal profile] nandamai
Author's Website: Nandamai at AO3
Link: The Ghost Dance

Why This Must Be Read: This fic is almost impossible to categorize. It's a lovely S8 Teal'c perspective on his teammates. It's the satisfaction of seeing Daniel still delighting in the unknown after everything he's experienced. It's the marvel of offworld things that can't quite be explained, and the joy of the unknown, and Sam the skeptical scientist still embracing it. It's friendship, and character study, and a hint of Daniel/Sha're. And it just deserves to be read!

An expectant roar grew from the crowd as the sun finally sank out of view. The flames leapt towards the stars, and the priests threw something bright into the fire. It made the flames glow blue, and exuded a spicy scent like the rala fruit of Teal'c's early childhood, before Chulak.

Color exploded as the Raangans each drew powder from small pots and cast it over the ground, the fire, the greenery, each other, and even SG-1. The powder was blue, purple, orange, green, more colors than Teal'c had names for. The pigments blended on the people's white clothes, and Colonel Carter did not seem to mind as they stained her hair.

Then, powder-bright, men, women and children all reached for the sky and spun in place.

"It's beautiful," Daniel Jackson said. Teal'c and Colonel Carter agreed. Teal'c thought it was one of the more attractive rituals they had witnessed over the years. The colors continued to fly and the fire itself had become a rainbow.
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