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Rec Category: Samantha Carter
Categories: character study
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [profile] artaxastra
Author's Website: SG-1 tag
Link: The Art of the Return

Why This Must Be Read: Here is intelligent, thoughtful Sam introspective in late S1, considering the dangers of the Stargate and the odds of inevitable loss. I love this for her thought processes, her courage, and her determination. Excellent stuff!

It's as if they set out in canoes into the Atlantic Ocean, bumping up against submarines and aircraft carriers, shaking their spears and hurling invectives at people who could swat them like flies. Who mostly laugh. Sometimes they shoot them for fun, and sometimes they put them back in their boats and pat them on the heads, sending them on their way with platitudes about how humanity isn't ready for the knowledge. We're not the conquistadors. We're the natives. Sam doesn't think the people of Earth would deal well with that.

Jack and Daniel both know it. Daniel talks a lot about cargo cults and Renaissance Neoplatonism as a response to the Black Death. Jack just tries to be careful who he shoots. Teal'c…she's not sure what Teal'c thinks. Possibly that he's the chaperone on the preschool picnic, and he'd better keep the toddlers out of the woods, or at least go with them in case there are bears.

She's all for that. Sam doesn't like bears.
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