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Rec Category: Drama
Categories: Daniel, Daniel friendships, Janet angst, hurt/comfort, time travel
Warnings: graphic medical issues
Author on LJ: unknown
Author's Website: Ellijay at AO3
Link: Flashback

Why This Must Be Read: Superbly crafted non-linear storytelling. Literal race against time. Technology puzzles. Amazing Sam and Daniel friendship, with extra Jack and Daniel friendship and a stunning Teal'c and Daniel scene. Intense drama and heartbreak. Add a creepy twist of an epilogue with a generous dash of horror, and you have a gripping oldskool story that will linger in your mind for a long time to come.

The flurry of activity jerked up short. The members of the medical team were pulling back from the gurney with an eerie kind of fluidity, while Daniel was... warping, his body seeming to twist like a reflection in a funhouse mirror. Or maybe the air around him was warping, distorting like the air over hot asphalt in July. No, worse than that, like the air coming out of a blast furnace, only it was as cold in here as it always was, maybe colder. Sam couldn't be sure, but the phenomenon seemed to be centered in or on or very near his hand -- the hand that had touched the artifact.

Pure white light flared with the abruptness of a flashbulb going off, leaving an afterimage burned into her retinas of his hand, fingers stretched to their limit, the tendons along the back of the hand standing out in sharp relief. Someone gasped. Then petrified silence. She blinked furiously, trying to clear her vision, hoping her eyes were playing tricks on her. But they weren't.

Daniel was gone.
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