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Rec Category: Janet Frasier
Categories: team, Hammond
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [personal profile] sg_wonderland
Author's Website: sg_wonderland at AO3
Link: F is for Finding Her Place

Why This Must Be Read: I always love early season fic. This is a wonderful exploration of Janet's first real interaction with SG-1, when she is allowed off-world, at her insistence, to assess and judge the needs of medical assistance in the field. You'll enjoy her take-charge attitude, her outside observations of the team, and the trust she quickly wins. For Janet fans, this one is a real treat.

“Dr. Jackson, please lie face down on the ground.” He immediately obeys, clearly enjoying himself. “Colonel O’Neill, you have found Dr. Jackson in his current state. He is conscious but does not seem to be aware of his surrounding and he’s slurring his words.” Picking up on my cue, the patient gives several incoherent mumbles.

“How is that any different from Daniel on any given day?”

“You are unable to determine if Dr. Jackson has ingested an alien substance, if he has been injured or if he has inadvertently taken too much allergy medication. He may or may not be acting like himself. Please treat the patient.”

Colonel O’Neill stands for a few moments, trying to decide what approach to take. “Hey, Daniel, what’s up?” The patient grumbles under his breath. The colonel kneels and places a gentle hand on Dr. Jackson’s back. “Daniel?” When Dr. Jackson tries to move, the colonel helps him roll over.

“Congratulations, Colonel O’Neill, you just paralyzed Dr. Jackson.”
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