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Rec Category: Sergeant Siler
Categories: humor, Jack, episode related
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: [personal profile] thothmes
Author's Website: fic tag
Link: Where There's a Will or an Or

Why This Must Be Read: This is a delightful contemplation of Jack O'Neill by one Sergeant Siler, culminating with exactly what Siler left Jack in his will.

It's wry and deadpan and realistic - just like Siler himself. A joy to read!

As far as Sgt. Siler was concerned, officers were like the weather, hard to predict with any accuracy, beyond the ordinary person's control, and capable of greatly affecting the tenor of a working man's day. And like the weather, most of the activity they generated was made way up high where the air was thin, and fell alike on the just and the unjust down below. His personal approach in dealing with all this was to try to keep his head down and keep going, regardless. What can't be changed must be endured, and in general, it wasn't worth having too much of an opinion about the weather.

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